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Interactive Reading Games: Word Level

Alphabetical Order

Little Mo has found a word plant. Help her put the words into alphabetical order. Uses high frequency words.

- Alphabetical order game 1 (letters 'a' to 'g')

- Alphabetical order game 2 (letters 'h' to 'n')

- Alphabetical order game 3 (letters 'o' to 'z')

- Alphabetical order game 4 (letters 'a' to 'z')

- Alphabetical order game 5 (letters 'a' to 'z')

Consonant Blends (CVCC Words)

Little Mo (Roy’s cousin) is learning about blending and segmenting consonants to make CVCC words. It’s all happening in her secret garden where blending or segmenting phonemes to make words means she earns Zs (the local currency) to spend in Garden World.

- Consonant Blends (CVCC Words)

Double Consonants (ff, ss, bl, br, cl, cr, ck, ng)

Help Wellington clean up the sea by making words using ff, ss, bl, br, cl, cr, ck, ng.

- Make words using ff and ss

- Make words using bl and br

- Make words using cl and cr

- Exploring words that end with ck

- Exploring words that end with ng

High Frequency Words (Days, Months, Numbers and Colours)

Old Uncle Tom likes his socks, blanket, hay and a nice glass of water before going to bed. Help him get his bedtime bits together by clicking and dragging the words into the correct order.

- Days of the Week

- Months of the Year

- Numbers to Twenty

- Colours (UK version)

- Colors (US version)

ingular or Plural? Adding 's'

Lucy is still at the zoo! Read the words and sort them into singular or plural. Match the singular with its plural to choose presents to make Lucy happy.

- Singular or Plural? Game 1 - words we use at school

- Singular or Plural? Game 2 - words we use on the farm

- Singular or Plural? Game 3 - words we use at home

- Singular or Plural? Game 4 - clothes we wear

- Singular or Plural? Game 5 - food we eat

Long Vowel Phonemes (a-e, aw, ay, ea, ee)

Help Mango go flying with her friends by clicking and dragging the long vowel phonemes to make words. How high can you go? [Requires Flash Player 9]

- Making words with the a-e sound, e.g. cake

- Making words with the aw sound, e.g. yawn

- Making words with the ay sound, e.g. day

- Making words with the ea sound, e.g. heat

- Making words with the ee sound, e.g. green


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