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Тексты для тренировки и проверки навыка чтения.

1. fix, pig, it, his, sit, skip, mix, is, Tim, Kim, slim, six, big, swim, sing, in, pin, film, bit. Kim is a big pig. His pig is six. Tim is slim. Tim skips.

2. Bag, cat, can, has, rat, fat, rabbit, and, fax, bad, cab, Pat, pan, man, had, sad, Sam, tram. Ann is a big cat. Pat has his bag and a fat rabbit. His rat can skip. Kim is a bad cat. Ann and Pat can skip and swim.

3. Ten, pen, grey, red, hen. Ann is ten. She is slim. Ann can swim and sing. She has a big red hen. It is fat. It can skip.

4. Black, Nick, seven, yes, Tom's, Ann's, Nick's, Dick. Nick has seven cats. Ann's cat is big. It can swim. Can Tom's cat swim? Yes, it can. Can Dick skip? No, he can't. Can you sing? Yes, I can. I can sing and skip. Nick has

 a cat. His cat is fat and big. Can a pig swim? Ann's pig is not grey. Tim has seven red pens.

5. Not, Tom, Rob, fox, frog, from, Bob, dog, clock, block, box, long. Ann's dog can swim and Tim's cat cannot swim. It can skip. His rabbit is from box. He has a grey frog. It can skip and swim. Tom has a black dog. His dog is fat. It is

 not grey. Bob's rabbit is red and his hen is grey. It is not a frog. It is a cat. It is seven.

6. A red fox, a grey cat, a big grey dog, a black rabbit, a red hen, a big pig, pink pigs, a black cockerel. He has a red fox and pink pigs. His dog is big and grey. It is not red and it is not black. It is grey.

7. Run, fun, but, must, funny, ugly, jump, duck. Cats can jump. A cat can skip and sing. It is funny. A grey frog is ugly but it can swim. Dogs can run and jump. His cockerel is fun. It can sing and run but it can't jump. It is a duck. It 

is red and black. It can swim and run but it cannot jump.

8. They, it, he, she. She is Ann. She is seven. He has a big grey cat and a red dog. They can run and jump. His dog can swim but his cat can't swim.

9. He, she, see, green, see, bee. It is bee. It cannot jump and sing. I see a pink pig. It is not big. He sees a frog. It is green and fat.

10. I, nine, mine, like, five, life, nice, home, name, face, Pete, pens, foxes, ducks, boxes. He is five. I like foxes. They can run, jump and swim. She is nine. She is slim. She likes dogs and ducks. But she has not green boxes.

11. My, fly, why, by. Can crocodiles fly? No, they can't. But they can swim and run. They like frogs. Why can you fly? My face is red. His face is not red. He is strong. Pete has five pets: a cat, a dog, a frog, a duck and a cockerel. 

The cat is red and the dog is grey. The fox is not grey. It is red. The duck is black and the cockerel is green. But the frog is not green. It is black and red. Dogs like ducks. Pete's dog is strong and cunning. Pete is sad.

12. Have, live. I have five dogs and nine cats. I like my cats and dogs. They live in my home. They like forest. The forest is green and big. I like my forest, too. I have a pet. It is a frog. The frog is green and big. It is not fat. My frog

likes to swim, jump and sing. I can sing, too. But I cannot swim.

13. No, dog, nose, not, home, fox. A fox lives in the forest. Can you jump well? Why is it black? My dog is cunning and strong. Rabbits cannot swim. Do cats have long noses? No, they don't. I live in the forest. My pets live in the 

forest, too.

14. Pupil, you, run, jump, rule, music, blue, must, funny, cunning, friend, to, with, who. I am big and I have many rules. I have a friend. He is strong but not cunning. He is a pupil. He is seven. I am a pupil, too. I like to swim, jump

 and skip. Do you like to swim? My friend has a pet. His pet is a dog. The dog is not big but it is cunning. My friend's name is Tom. Tom likes music. Do you like music? Who likes music? I see a dog with a box. I see a cockerel in a hat. I 

see a hen with a clock. I see a pig with a stick.

15. Park, farmer, car, are, Kate, name, skate, can, have, take, hat, fat, sad. A big park, a green car, a fat cat, a strong farmer. We are friends. We can skate and swim. We have a big car. The car is big and red. We like the car. And a farmer likes the car, too. He is strong and he has a red hat.

16. His cat must walk. I have a friend. His cat must walk, too. They are fat. And that is why they are sad. They must jump and swim. We can help. We can jump and swim, too. It is fun. Are you sad? Why? Do you like to walk? Are you

 strong? Are you brave? Is his friend big?

17. Horse, short, morning, form, corn, or, pork. I have a big horse. It likes corn. My friend is a farmer. He likes corn, too. I like to walk in the morning. But my friend likes to walk in the forest. He is brave and strong. And I am brave

 and strong, too. My forest is green. I like green forest.

18. Why, what, where, white, girl, her, bird. My cat is white and Pete's cat is black. I have a bird. It likes to sing. Why do cats like to walk? Do you have a bird? Her bird is green and white. What cat it do? Where do you live? I live in 

Revda. I like Revda. It is green but not big. My shirt is white. I like my shirt.

19. Three, think, thank you, the, they, that. That is his dog. The dog is strong. She is Marina. She has a short nose. Her shirt is white and red. His name is Tim. Tim is a pupil. He is nine. He likes dogs and cats. His nose is long.

20. Meat, tea, please, clean, eat, speak, teacher, read, close, bird, pupil, name, tea, like, cats, my, go. I like tea. And my friend likes to drink tea, too. He is big and strong. He likes dogs but I like cats. My cat can speak. My 

teacher is good. I like my teacher. I can read and speak. And I like to eat banana. Would you like some tea? Would you like some cakes? May I have some tea, please? May I have some milk, please?

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